Scar removal treatment in Jaipur

Scar Removal Treatment In Jaipur

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Scars are visible signs that remain after a wound has healed and they may be unsighlty & disfiguring. Scar revision surgery will attempt to minimize a scar so that it is less conspicuous and blends in with the surrounding skin tone & texture

Scar removal treatment in Jaipur

Want to have a healthy, bright and scar free skin?

While the wound heals, it leaves a mark on the skin, known as a scar. Scars are the appearance on the skin formed following a wound. Though the hidden ones are ok, the scar that is huge and visible often tends to subdue the confidence of the individual. Scars usually fade by themselves. But the ones that remain are because the wound is deep. Hence, the only possible way is to remove the scars by surgery. Institute of cosmetic surgery is known for its advance technical treatments for scar removal treatment in Jaipur. The talented and professional doctors in our team make the most visible scar, invisible through advance surgical techniques of scar removal.

Types of Scars

• Acne Scars: The most common type of scar is an acne scar caused by the prevailing acne or the acne at youth. This can be further classified as deep or shallow. This may involve a small part of the face or covers a large part of the face. With the scar removal treatment in Jaipur by Institute of cosmetic surgery it can be reduced uniformly thus resulting in a number of reduced scars and improved overall appearance.
• Keloid Scars: The type of scars present on the skin for a long time is known as keloid scars. They are hard and tough to remove and hence is identified as a bigger lump. It is usually itchy and irritating.
• Hypertrophic raised scars: Caused by reckless care of skin, burnt or excessive tension, hypertrophic raised scars are the most common in dark skinned people. The surgery can make the scar less visible hence improving the overall appearance of the individual.

Scar surgery in Jaipur

The surgery of scars improves the overall appearance of an individual and can be completely removed.
We provide scar removal treatment in Jaipur for the following types of scars:

  • Acne
  • Injury
  • Burn marks
  • Pits caused by acne
  • Stretch marks
  • Cut marks

With facial and visible scars being exposed to the sun radiation daily, it is tough to get rid of them with the daily healing process. The surgery reduces the scar marks through various techniques in a short span of time.

Few of the ways to reduce scar marks are:

• Silicone containing products : Commonly available in the form of creams, gels and pharma bandages, it helps to reduce the scar appearance in a natural way.
• Steroid Injections: The steroids are injected using a fine needle directly into the keloid. This cause the scar to shrink and eventually flatten to get less visible or completely removed.

With our expert consultants at Institute of cosmetic surgery, you can take a positive step towards the scar removal treatment in Jaipur. We offer the best treatment for all who wants quality services without compromising on anything in the best affordable cost. We are known for our planned treatments and provide a one-time solution for your problems, hence only professional services are provided.