Lip Augmentation Surgery In Jaipur

Lip Augmentation Surgery In Jaipur

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Lip augmentation surgery, as the name implies, is to make lips full and plump. It gives the lip a plumper look and makes them sensual. Institute of cosmetic surgery is one of the premium centers to offer lip augmentation surgery in Jaipur. Lips being the delicate part is operated with a minimally invasive surgical technique. For individuals with thin lips or larger than average lips, that is disproportionate with the face size can seek lip augmentation surgery in Jaipur at Institute of cosmetic surgery.

Eligibility to undergo lip augmentation surgery

Lip is one of the delicate parts of the body, hence to undergo lip augmentation surgery, an individual must be healthy physically and mentally.

  • Physically health adult
  • Naturally thin lips or enlarged lips
  • Individuals Seeking volume to lips

If you’re individual suffering from diabetes or blood clot problems or any other oral herpes, you are not advised to undergo lip augmentation surgery. It tends to complicate the process with the mentioned diseases.

Why refer Institute of cosmetic surgery for the best lip augmentation surgery in Jaipur

Our experts at the Institute of cosmetic surgery Jaipur are professionals in the field of lip augmentation. We provide the patient with pre-operative instructions, to be followed before the operation. This involves undertaking any herb, medications and vitamins at least few weeks before surgery. We also ask the patient to undergo a few tests just to rest-assure there aren’t any complications that prevail.

Lip augmentation surgery is a simple procedure involving 2-3 hours. The areas to undergo surgery are marked with the surgical device and the fine needles are used to create fuller lips as per the patient’s desire. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia which makes the area around the lips numb.


The recovery time of the surgery varies from few days to few weeks depemding on the healing process. A patient is expected to have a little pain once the effect of anesthesia no longer pertains. With a few recommended medications, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications, the pain can be controlled.


There are no defined side-effects associated with lip augmentation surgery. However, few patients might face some problems temporarily, such as:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Tenderness in skin
  • Bleeding
  • Stiffness and scarring of the lips
  • Nerve damage
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Lip augmentation is a complex procedure and is peformed by experts only. We at the institute of cosmetic surgery have the team of best lip augmentation doctor in Jaipur. They perform surgery which makes your lips look as great as the natural lip. Lip augmentation being in demand provides fuller and bobbled lips to the individuals.